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Member Policy

First lesson


We know Edge Gymnastics has something to offer you! For the cost of two classes, we offer you a two week trial period before becoming a member. Trial classes are charged at our regular class rate. Should you wish to confirm your membership and hold the position in your class after the trial you will need to pay the Membership and Insurance Fee, and any prorated tuition amount to join you into our billing schedule. For further information refer to Fortnightly Billing Schedule and Payment Dates. After providing your credit/debit card details in the Customer Portal you will then be included with our ongoing billing system. Should you decide to cancel your membership within 14 days of your first lesson, we will issue a refund excluding trial class, Annual Membership, and any tuition payment.



It is a requirement of entry to Edge Gymnastics that all Members and guests follow the instructions of management including rules, regulations and policies as published, distributed or posted from time to time in the venue. Management reserves the right to refuse entry to classes or the venue or cancel a membership without refund if conduct interferes with the safety or comfort of the member, other members, guests or staff. Siblings who are in the venue but not participating in classes are to remain under the direct care of an adult at all times. Only participants under the direct supervision of a coach may enter the gymnastics area. All other children are asked to refrain from using any gymnastics equipment.

Privacy and data collection


Edge Gymnastics is committed to the security of your information. The nature of your participation with Edge Gymnastics means your information will be communicated to our regulating bodies including Gymnastics Victoria and Gymnastics Australia. The information will not be passed onto any third-party solicitating information for promotion of 3rd party goods and services. Edge  Gymnastics utilises “iClass Pro” a world leader in class management software to manage our customer database. Your personal details will be stored online utilising this software.  

iClassPro recognises the importance of data security to protect their customers. In accordance with  the PCI DSS (payment card and industry data security standards, iClassPro Merchant Services is a  Level 1 PCI Compliant Service Provider (the highest level). The Payment Card Industry (PCI) is a set  of industry-mandated requirements applicable to any business that handles, processes or stores credit cards, regardless of the business site of processing volume. The PCI council was founded by major card brands like Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express to create a set of technical requirements pertaining to data security. The PCI requirements and standards address these six main goals of card data security: 

  1. Build and maintain a secure network 
  2. Protect cardholder data 
  3. Maintain a vulnerability management program 
  4. Implement strong access control measures 
  5. Regularly monitor and test networks 
  6. Maintain an information security policy

Photo/video policy


Parents and Guardians are advised that from time to time photos or videos may capture their child’s image during training, regular or special events. Membership at Edge Gymnastics serves as acknowledgement to use any images captured by Edge Gymnastics for the purposes of promotional material, media or other purposes without further permission being necessary. If you do NOT want your child’s image to be used in any promotional material, you must advise Edge Gymnastics prior to the commencement of their first class. Edge Gymnastics advises that parents are to gain permission prior to videoing or take photo’s during events or class time. Edge Gymnastics requests that any photos or videos taken by parents/family/friends should only capture their own children. Further details please see Social Media Policy.

Medical attention


Staff at Edge Gymnastics maintain current First Aid qualifications, including CPR, anaphylaxis and asthma management. Edge Gymnastics prides itself on providing a safe environment, with nationally qualified instructors and programs designed by highly experienced staff. Every effort is made to avoid injury/harm to participants. In the instance where injury/illness occurs and the participant is under the instruction of Edge Gymnastics staff, Edge Gymnastics staff will assess the situation and action the most appropriate First Aid or seek further medical assistance. Decisions will be made in the best medical interest of the participant, others participating in the program  and staff involved, which may include calling for an ambulance and seeking help from medical professionals.  

In the unlikely event that a child requires an ambulance, attempts will be made to consult the parents and listed emergency contact of the injured child before the staff requests the ambulance,  however the child’s safety is paramount and at the discretion of staff an ambulance will be called.  All fees and charges associated with seeking ambulance services on behalf of your child are the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the child concerned. Parents should consider having ambulance cover and private health insurance in case of a medical emergency involving your child.  

Parents are responsible for ensuring that all relevant medical details and contact information is kept up to date in our iClass database via the Edge Customer Portal. If your child has a serious allergy or medical condition requiring medication to be present whilst participating at Edge  Gymnastics, please speak to our office staff at the time of enrolment regarding the allocated medical equipment shelves. There are high visibility marked shelves suitable for bringing medication to the gym which are strategically placed to allow our staff to provide the best possible assistance to your child if required.

Extreme weather policy


In line with Sports Medicine Australia’s guidelines, and to ensure the safety of all Edge members,  Edge Gymnastics may enforce the Extreme Weather Policy from time to time. Edge Management will monitor the BOM forecast and current conditions and will notify families via text message,  email and the Edge Social Media pages (Facebook & Instagram) minimum 1 hour prior to classes commencing.  

Extreme Heat 

All sessions which commence at or before 3:00pm will run as scheduled however classes which commence after 4:00pm will be cancelled if Edge Management deem the current temperature to be extreme and unsafe for members, families and staff for classes to proceed. Class cancellations will be displayed on the website and Edge Facebook page by 3:05pm.  

Extreme Weather 

Classes may be cancelled if extreme storms are forecast to ensure the safety of members, families and staff while traveling to and from Edge or while at Edge.  

All JG & DG cancelled classes will be offered a make-up class during term holidays if classes are cancelled. These make up classes will run on the same day/time as your regular class and credits will not be given if you are unable to attend. Classes, where multi Extreme Weather Policies are in place, will be provided a maximum of 2 make up classes within the first week of School Holidays and no credits will be given if you are unable to attend.

Viewing policy


Junior Gymnastics
Weekly viewing is permitted for parents/ guardians. We ask that you make yourself known to the administration staff or coaches and introduce any visitors to the staff on arrival before moving upstairs.

Development & Competitive Classes:
Viewing is permitted in Week 5 and 6 of  each term. Edge does not run a weekly viewing area. When viewing, we ask that you make yourself known to the administration staff or coaches and introduce any visitors to the staff on arrival before moving upstairs. Parents are not to enter the gym area without permission from an Edge Staff member.

Make Up Classes


It is normal that from time to time Edge Members will be unable to attend their scheduled class due to family or school commitments or illness. Edge Gymnastics offer Make up tokens to our Junior and Development Gymnastics members. Edge JG and DG members are entitled to one makeup credit per term if advanced warning of non-attendance is received by the office in writing to a minimum of 14 days prior (where possible). Make up requests must be completed through the Customer Portal and a suitable class and time will be made available for your child to attend. Edge classes do not go over capacity to ensure the quality and safety of members and staff so only classes with availability will be provided for make-up sessions.  

Make up classes are valid for 3 months. If you know in advance you are unable to attend your make up class, please let the office know to allow the session to be offered to another member. Make up classes that are not attended, without prior notification of absence, cannot be rebooked. No refunds will be issued for any classes missed.  

In the event Edge can no longer provide ‘in gym’ classes, sessions will be automatically moved online, and members will be sent an email with the relevant zoom class log-in details. Class start and end times may differ to your regular class time. No credits or refunds will be issued for not attending the provided zoom class. For further information please refer to Edge’s  Lockdown Procedure.

Public Holidays


Edge Gymnastics does not operate on Victorian Public Holidays. Fees are calculated based on  planned classes. When the gym is closed due to a Public Holiday or Centre event, a charge will not  be incurred. All classes run as scheduled over long weekends except the Public Holiday day.