Junior Gymnastics classes are divided by both age and ability, allowing the qualified coach to deliver appropriate lessons to all members throughout the year. We focus on the dominant movement patterns and assist in the development of childhood milestones. We develop these through safe, exciting and fun activities that use age specific equipment as well as Olympic apparatus. Edge’s Junior Program assists in the improvement of fine and gross motor skills, balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness, problem solving, discipline and self-achievement.


Find the Class That Suits You

30-40 minute structured classes with partial parent/carer involvement. The coach guides the children through the class with parents/carers to assist as required.

The class includes structured learning opportunities and independent learning through free time.

This class is recommended to children who are capable of advancing their skill-based activities with increased independence.

3.5 Years - 5.5 Years

40-45 minute structured classes with NO parent or carer involvement required. The instructor guides the group through the class while parents/carers watch from the viewing area.

This class is recommended to children aged 3.5 years+ who can work independently, without parents/carer involvement.

The program is divided into 3 levels; starting in Shining Stars, children will progress to Shooting Stars & then up to Rising Stars. Children showing competitive potential will be invited to attend the Super Star program..



Term 1
Monday 22nd January – Thursday 28th March
Term 2
Monday 15th April – Sunday 30th June
Term 3
Monday 15th July – Sunday 22nd September
Term 4
Monday 7th October – Thursday 17th December