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Edge Gymnastics Centre Rules

Centre Rules

1. Gymnasts must be accompanied to and from the Centre by a parent or carer.
2. No food in the gym area – this includes coffee, nuts, chocolate & chewing gum.
3. Gymnasts should arrive 5 minutes prior to their class.
4. No one in the gym area without a Qualified Coach or Edge Staff Member at any time.
5. No parents or siblings may enter the gym area unless authorised to do so by an Edge Staff Member.
6. Read & follow the Codes of Behaviour provided by Gymnastics Victoria (see notice board).
7. Keep noise levels to a minimum in the Centre.
8. Keep emergency exits & door entry areas clear at all times.
9. Gymnasts must wear correct attire to every training session.
10. Gymnasts must have a drink bottle at every training session
11. Gymnasts must listen to & follow their coach’s instructions.
12. Everyone is to treat others as they wish to be treated.
13. Gymnasts are to use equipment correctly & for its correct purpose only.
14. Everyone should lift and move equipment safely & carefully at all times.
15. Gymnasts must ask permission to leave the class.
16.No valuables should to be brought to the gym, Edge holds no responsibility if items are lost or
17.Parents are not to interfere or interrupt coaches while classes are in progress.
18.Parents are to keep siblings who are not participating in the classes occupied at all times.



Getting to and from Edge is easy. Located off Warrigal Road and close to Nepean Highway and South Road. Although our address is on Warrigal Road, we have two entrances to the Gym, a driveway on Warrigal road and a driveway on the corner of Freighter Street and Simpson Street as seen in the photo below. The green box is the Gym, the Red boxes are the two driveways and the yellow box is the street parking around the area. We also have 18 car spaces on site which are clearly labelled. Please be mindful of our neighbours when arriving at the gym and ensure to only park in our designated spaces or use the street parking available.

As Edge is located within an industrial site, member saftey is our top priority so we ask that all children are accompanied to and from the gym foyer by a parent or carer. We have a painted walkway in place from our car park to the gym door to provide a safe entry and exit to the gym. Children will not be allowed to leave the gym unaccompanied by a parent or carer so please ensure to advise your children that you will pick them up from the foyer.