Junior Gymnastics

Programs for infants and children 4 months - 5 years.

As an introduction to gymnastics, Edge have developed classes with the focus on fun. Programs include Baby Gym, Sprouts and Shooting Stars.


All classes are divided by age and ability level. This allows the qualified instructors to deliver appropriate lessons to all members throughout the year.  At Edge, we focus on the dominant movement patterns; statics, locomotion, spring, landing and swing as well as developing childhood milestones. We develop these through safe, exciting and fun activities that use age specific equipment as well as Olympic apparatus. Lessons include a warm up, progress of gymnastics shapes and movements as well as circuits that combine the development of a gymnast both physically and mentally. Edge’s Junior Program assists in the improvement of fine and gross motor skills, balance, co-ordination, spatial awareness, problem solving, discipline and self-achievement.

Baby Gym (4 months – 20months)

  • 45minute structured class with parent/ carer involvement.

  • The coach guides the infant and primary care giver through the class.

  • The class focuses on brain development, body awareness, social interaction, cross patterning, vestibular stimulation, balance, core strength, fine motor skills and the sensory system.

  • Primary carers have the opportunity to come in and learn about the physical development of their baby

Sprouts (20 months – 4 years)

  • 50minute structured class with partial parent/ carer involvement.

  • The instructor guides the children through the class with parents/ carers to assist as required.

  • The class includes structured learning opportunities and independent learning through free time.

  • This class is recommended to children who are capable of advancing their skill-based activities with increased independence.

  • Where enrolments permit classes will be divided to provide further learning and development opportunities

Shooting Stars (3.5 years – 5.5 years)

  • 50minute structured classes with NO parent or carer involvement required.

  • The instructor guides the group through the class while parents/ carers watch from the viewing area.

  • This class is recommended to children aged 3.5 years+ who can work independently, without parents/ carer involvement.

  • The program is divided into 4 levels; starting in Green Stars (Introductory), children will progress to the White Stars (Intermediate) & then up to Silver Stars (Advanced). Children showing competitive potential will be invited to the Black Stars class.




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Saturday CLOSED


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Emergency contact & late pick up: 0423 610 335

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