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Fee Policy

Tuition Fees


Tuition fees are calculated and charged on a fortnightly basis. Junior Gymnastics & Development Gymnastics will only be charged for lessons that run. If your class falls on a Public Holiday, you will not be charged. Tuition fees for the program are payable fortnightly in advance via direct debit. NLP tuition fees cover the whole program and are charged per hours trained. The program rate considers that there will be weeks where full training hours are not available due to public holidays, cancelled sessions in lieu of competitions or coach unavailability. Tuition fees can, and will, be corrected in good faith should an error occur in billing, as soon as practical after the error is detected.



Family: We offer a 20% discount on Membership and Insurance to each additional participating sibling at Edge.

Method of payment


To complete your enrolment you will need to provide credit/debit card information through the  Customer Portal. Using our secure payment gateway through iClassPro/Payrix, we automatically debit your nominated card each fortnight for the fortnight two weeks in advance. Any additional costs are incurred through your participation with us including but not limited to uniforms, competitions and holiday programs will be charged if you exceed due dates. Essentially your card acts as a guarantee of payment to secure your enrolment.  

Edge Gymnastics will process fortnightly tuition payments every second Monday from January to  December, with the exception of Monday Public Holidays where payments will be processed on the next business day. For specific dates please refer to the “2022 Fortnightly Billing Schedule”. You are welcome to pay your account prior to the processing date each fortnight via the Customer Portal, over the phone,  directly to the office using cash or credit card or by EFT to our account. Any balance remaining by the processing date will be charged to the credit card on file. 

In the instance that payments bounce, or cards decline on the auto processing day, Edge Gymnastics will make contact with you via email and attempt to process that payment again 2 days later. If this payment declines a second time, we will contact you via SMS. If you fail to make good on payment within 7 days, your enrolment will be placed on hold and your child/children will not be able to attend any classes not paid for until payment has been processed. If payments continue to bounce your enrolment will be canceled and your position in any classes/services are forfeited. Enrolment for the following terms cannot be accepted until all outstanding accounts have been paid. 

If you prefer to pay your tuition up front, payment can be made via the payment options mentioned above at any point prior to the next processing date.  

Gymnastics Australia registration and insurance fee


The annual registration and insurance fee covers your membership with Gymnastics Australia,  Gymnastics Victoria and Edge Gymnastics. It provides assurance that you are participating with an affiliated club of Gymnastics Australia for which there are high standards of qualification and compliance.  

Through this program, registered participants are covered through Marsh Advantage Insurance for personal injury. You can view the policy documents and what is covered on the Marsh Advantage  Website. Should you need to make a claim this must be lodged within 30 days of injury. To help with this process or further information please get in contact with Edge’s Centre Manager. Priority re-enrolment and member rates for holiday program are also included in the membership. The fee is non-transferable to another child. 

At the beginning of each new year, we are able to offer a refund of membership if you contact the office prior to Term 1 start date to notify Edge Gymnastics that you will not be returning for the year. There will be no refunds of the 2022 Membership and Insurance Fee if you make contact with the office after this date. The membership and insurance fee is valid for a calendar year (1st January – 31st December).  Should a member join in Terms 2, 3 and 4 this fee is prorated. If your child is a current member of another affiliated Centre/Club the membership can be transferred and only the Edge membership portion will be charged (please see the office for relevant program charge).



Payment of Edge Membership serves as acknowledgement that as Parent or Guardian you understand like most sporting activities, gymnastics creates the potential for injury even when done properly and following the Edge Gymnastics Centre Rules. Acknowledgment that Edge Gymnastics will not accept liability for any injury or accident suffered by myself/my child/children whilst at the centre. Permission for Edge staff to obtain urgent medical assistance including ambulance travel at my expense should this need arise. Edge Gymnastics shall not incur any responsibility or liability for any damage to, or loss of property or belongings.

Separated parent/shared guardianship

In order to remain impartial and uninvolved in personal arrangements, Edge Gymnastics has the following procedures for dealing with payments and booking in the case of family separation. Once a gymnast is enrolled, the primary contact person listed as the first responsible party on the Customer Portal becomes responsible for all accounts/invoices and is responsible for re-enrolment, as well as any decisions regarding the gymnast’s classes at Edge Gymnastics. The credit/debit card details listed on the  Portal will be used to process the fortnightly payments. Edge Gymnastics will send all correspondence,  invoices and notices to the primary contact person listed on the Customer Portal.



Fourteen day money back guarantee  

New Members only: may request a refund in writing for ANY REASON in the first fourteen days of membership. You will be refunded the full amount paid including the registration fee and any membership fees. A new Member is a member who has not previously participated in paid Edge term programs. A Refund Application Form must be completed and submitted to the office no later than 14  days from the start of membership. Approved refunds will be deposited into a nominated bank account.  Upon cancellation of membership your card details will be removed from our system. Advice of decision not to continue can be emailed to Member Services  

Current member: Should you no longer wish to continue with your class simply email the office and we will communicate the date you have paid up too. Refunds will not be issued for classes held during the  14-day notice period and you are welcome to attend during this time. Upon cancellation your card  details will be removed from our system. Advice of your decision to discontinue can be emailed to 

Injury/Illness related credit application – Available to all Members


Credit applications will be granted for periods of two consecutive weeks (or more) of injury or illness if a  Doctor’s certificate is provided to Edge, within one week of the ‘start’ date indicated on the certificate.  The certificate needs to state ‘date to date’ of expected absence and how this injury/illness directly affects the member’s ability to participate. Under no circumstances will suspensions be backdated.



Scholarships may be granted to any member in any form or amount at the discretion of Edge Management. Scholarships will only remain on offer if payments are being made by the due date. If payments are late, scholarships will be removed. Please direct any queries in writing to